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Alumni Testimonial

Cheuk Hung IP (Robert) (2009 - 10 Intake, Part-time)

Company & location: Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Hong Kong)
Position: Managing Director

Learning has never been more practical for me. Most of the IT management strategy concepts I learnt in the classrooms could be applied directly to my management work. This program helped my career development and also helped my company transform into a more advanced and successful company. The studies at HKUST helped me reach an important milestone in my life - to be the first-ever non-Japanese MD of Konica Minolta Hong Kong! I am truly thankful to all dear professors, teaching assistants and classmates who were reliable partners helping me to achieve this milestone!

Chun Fung CHUI (Joe) (2013 - 14 intake, Part-time)

Company & location: Pandora (Hong Kong)
Position: APAC Regional Head of Retail Technology

The MScISM is a very good program with a well-balanced combination of technical concepts and IS management theories, which not only equips me with the latest technology knowledge but also enhances my strategic skills in management. The most inspiring part is the teaching quality of the faculty. They are very passionate in sharing their expertise knowledge and they regularly use interactive case study approach in classes. Industrial practitioners are also frequently invited to give speeches in some courses. Their sharing increases the practicality of the course and helps us apply the knowledge in real business world. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in Information Systems and Technology Management.

Ying Tze LAU (Amanda) (2014 - 15 Intake, Part-time)

Company & location: HKT Financial Services (Hong Kong)
Position: Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Channel Management

Being a Fintech industry practitioner in Hong Kong, I am glad I made a wise choice of studying MSc in Information Systems Management at HKUST. A wide range of specialized areas, such as project management, e-commerce and digital marketing, covered in the program stimulated my innovative thinking and inspirations. The courses of big data analytics, information systems auditing, and security management even expanded my knowledge that was essential in my career development. Thanks to the program, my passion to acquire new expertise in technology areas has been fulfilled. I am fully powered up to stay ahead in my domain as a business technology professional.

Bastian HENGSTLER (2016 - 17 Intake, Full-time)

Company & location: Ernst & Young (Frankfurt)
Position: Consultant

I joined HKUST with the expectation of a reputable and well-structured Master’s degree. However, after a few weeks into the program, I started to realize the MScISM program offers much more than that. I witnessed the excellent staff and professors of international caliber were constantly eager to go the extra mile students and that the extra value they provided went well beyond their responsibilities.

Barry LO (2016 - 17 Intake, Full-time)

Company & location: China Construction Bank (Asia) (Hong Kong)
Position: Manager, Information Systems

Through this program, I get to learn more different aspects of Information Systems. MScISM program not only gave me a good foundation in this field, but also exposed me to newer and up-to-date topics. Professors are very knowledgeable in the latest trends and development in areas such as Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Blockchain and other Fintech concepts. With the diverse background of the students, learning not just comes from lectures, but also from each other during class discussions. I am confident that both my knowledge and interest for the subject has increased after taking this program.

Yimin ZHANG (Tina) (2016 - 17 Intake, Full-time)

Company & location: Ernst & Young (Shenzhen)
Position: Risk Advisory Associate

Through in-class discussion with professors and after-class projects with classmates from various regions, I have learnt cutting-edge technical skills and strategical IT knowledge. The Academic Director and professors provided valuable advice and guidance when I was preparing for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) exam and related internships. Participating in various career talks and one-to-one coaching sessions organized by the MSc Career & Development Team has definitely helped to define my career goals clearly.

Jiaqian PAN (Cheryl) (2017 - 18 Intake, Full-time)

Company: BNP Paribas (Hong Kong)
Position: Analyst with ITO - Business & Information Security

Professors are experienced and knowledgeable. In term of lectures, they inspired me to think critically and form my own opinions. Besides, this program offered me all kinds of opportunities to get exposed to the industry and industry elite, for example, company visits and career talks. I should say that studying at MScISM is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will bring what I have learnt on my next journey as an IT professional.

Huaqing SUN (Annabelle) (2018 - 19 Intake, Full-time)

Company & location: Cisco Systems (China) (Shenzhen)
Position: Manufacturing Product Management - Planning Manager

The program has given me a comprehensive picture of how we can utilize and manage the most updated technology in our business. The unique breadth and depth of the course structure provided me with a wide range of distinctive competencies among all candidates during the job-hunting period and in my career in Cisco. We are encouraged to think critically, be interactive and curious which contribute to be my most valuable skills and competencies for my career development.

Ching Nam YIM (Thomas) (2018 - 19 Intake, Full-time)

Company & location: Vcredit Holdings Limited (Shanghai)
Position: Management Trainee

The HKUST MScISM program is very comprehensive and practical, with an elective course on corporate projects. I am grateful to be selected to join this project with the Data Lab team at BNP Paribas, where I could apply the theories on real business issues and create an application for its risk officers. The project involves both technical and non-technical areas, preparing me in-depth for the IT Business-related Analytics, Deep Learning programming and Database Management built a solid foundation that enables me to work confidently with the BNP Paribas' Data Lab team and to provide constructive suggestions to its business officers.